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Name:U N L U C K Y ✁
Birthdate:Jul 14
★ M A D N E S S ★ I S ★ M Y ★ W E A P O N ★

&&Toiletpaper ☠! ;;

My name is Michael, and I'm old enough to drink. I'm AB and reflect that thoroughly. I'm white as a cracker and rather Russian. I'm an organized mess and a walking oxymoron. I'm an I N T J. I cosplay and role-play a fair amount. I thrive on challenges. I'm introverted and socially awkward. I tend to be fickle, volatile, transient, and difficult to get to know well. I am strange, sometimes random and spontaneous. I am creative, a theorist, logical, sometimes practical, competitive on my choosing, and strong willed. Looking to get in to Fanshawe's Tourism and Hospitality program to pursue a career in Event Coordination.

Current addictions:
Caffeine - 7/11 coffee, Prussia, industrial music, getting out of this god damn economical rut.

Current projects:
MIKI - Little Devil - Cosplay
MIKI - Yakata Last Tour - Cosplay
Prussia - Axis Powers Hetalia - Cosplay

I will always be here; I can never die
r e m e m b e r
me and I will never die.
tell your friends what you think you know
r e m e m b e r
me and I will never go.

MIKI; you’re like a song on a constant playback
I AM the MIKI (kouji) of LJ.
Like some sort of strangelove affair.

Товарищи только
Comrades only

Interests (150):

abnormal psychology, abrasiveness, abstract thinking, actually having money, aggressive behaviour, analysis, analytical psychology, angura, applied theory, arrogance, asphyxiation, axis powers hetalia, badly done make-up, bastards, bdsm, beauty as violence, behavioural psychology, being a bastard, being picky, beyblade, blood, carl jung, cats, cell, character analysis, chemical warfare, chemistry, choubi, chubbiness, coffee, colored contacts, competence, contradictions, control, cosplaying, criminology, cyclosarin, deception, disembowelment, dismemberment, eccentric, efficiency, empirical evidence, erotic/grotesque nonsense, fire, freedom of mind, gallows, glasgow smiles, good bassists, gore, grotesque, harry was bleeding, homicide, humiliation, hypnosis, ideas, impalement, imperfection, industrial, intelligence, internet, intimidation, intj, intuition, japanese culture, japanese fashion, japanese street fashion, jpunk, jrock, kobayashi sharaku, kung fu, kurt, latex, leaving you hanging, logic, macabre, making people uncomfortable, mbti, meat grinders, metronome, miki, mix speaker's inc., music, naruto, needles, nono, not your face, obscurity, oddities, patterns, performance arts, photography, piercings, poison, post-mortem, productivity, psychological horrors, psychology, psychopathy, psychosis, pushing buttons, q, red army choir, rocks, role-playing, rolling, russian punk, ryouki, sadism, sadomasochism, scaring people, scissor, self sufficiency, serial killers, sharp things, singing, siva, spicy food, strange, strategy, suspensions, talent, tattoos, tea, tenten, the underground, thought provoking, toasters, transformers, turning you on, typos, uniqueness, ur face on fire, velociraptors, violence, war, weird people, wishful thinking, yaoi, Россия, блицкриг, братва, красная армия, спецназ, , , , , ,
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